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Adopt a Reef Ball

Adopt a Reef Ball

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To Save The Coral Reefs

Do not waste water, Plastic.
Plastic are non-biodegradable materials.
They would be a bad pollutant to the ocean,sea and corals.
Plastic could easily be reused if we wash them after we take out most of the groceries or items.
Or , a better but more costly way is to buy a bag and the stuff in them.

Please Help Save The Corals By Not Polluting The Ocean And The Environment Around Us.
The World Around Us Has Been Existing For Millions Of Years And Thus The Environment Has Been Made. The World Has Been Made During A Long Period Of Time BUT The Time We Pollute The World And Make It Unhealthy And Dangerous It Would Only Take Less Than 1/10000 Years To Destroy What Has Been Made For A Long Time !

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